Yr7 Book Choices

Year 7 students at Kirk Hallam Community Academy take part in a Reading Challenge in conjunction with Waterstones.

Seventy students, who took part in a recent Student Survey, have been presented with one of nine books selected by Academy Librarian Ms Bredgaard from Waterstones Bookshop.

The challenge for these students is to read their chosen book and complete a book review on it.

The books is theirs to keep, however, if they would like to continue the challenge, they may withdraw any or all of the other eight titles from the Library and complete a Book Review on those as well!

Ms Bredgaard and Mr Smith will select the best three Book Reviews and these students will be presented with an additional prize by Author Paul Cookson when he visits Kirk Hallam Community Academy on Friday 23rd June.


Enjoy your reading!


Year 7 Book Choices